I’m Retiring…Just This Blog


Dear Loyal Readers,

I want you to be the first to know that I am officially retiring this blog.  This will be my last post. Now for the good news. In addition to practicing law I am also writing fiction and have created a new website, called Legal Fiction. You can find it here.

On my new website I will be publishing my original short stories. As a matter of fact I have already published my first story titled Forged in Pain, which took me six months and dozens of drafts to write. I would like to extend a special thanks to my wife, a couple of valued friends, my legal assistant and last, but certainly not least, my editor, Vicki for all of the help and encouragement that each of  them gave me.

I will also publish my blog posts on the Legal Fiction website. My posts will be mostly true stories and information similar to this blog but now that I have unleashed my imagination there might be an exaggeration here or there, poetic license if you will. The first post is there and it is surprisingly titled, What is Legal Fiction?

So, I hope all of you will allow me to continue to notify you by email when I have published something new and, perhaps, take time to read. You can sign up for notifications on Legal Fiction.

Thank you for following Learning Through Life and Law. I have enjoyed writing and sharing it.